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I know how tight I like things to be. I just didn't trust an 1/8 inch of threads. Don't get me wrong tapping the top tube will work, I just wanted to be sure that it would not fail there after removing the petcock a few times. As soon as I can get the bike outside, I will snap some shots to show what I did.

I also took the extra step of plugging all holes with steel wool, then covering them with warm JB Weld (the warmth thins the JB). This formed a decent sized "plug" over both areas that had major gaps. The Caswell is awesome stuff, once again the steel wool and JB is probably overkill, but I like to do things once, and not have to worry about it ever again.

And yes I used The KW Machine Works (OldBiker) bung/gas cap combo. It went perfectly. KW's machine work is top notch. I used a 1 3/8" hole saw as directed, and the cap has a very tight snug fit. Everything he has made for this bike has exceeded my expectations thus far. It is almost a shame to put such a cheap engine in such finely made mounts!LOL
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