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Originally Posted by fastfingas View Post
Hey oldbiker thats a real good video you put together! I hadn't understood how you actully sealed the tank till you mixed the solution and taped the holes up, one question How can you tell you've spread the sealer completly inside the tank??? what happens if you miss a spot? is that posisble?? is there excess sealer you have to get out?? I'm just trying to get the concept straight in my little brain ,,, the sealer looks like it dries strong......
Thanks, Yes you could miss some sealer around the rear hole area in the seat post. The two bikes I have done with the sealer, I had to go back and add some more sealer to catch the holes that are hidden in the rear area that you can't see. I don't think the holes are big because they seal with two application of sealer. You can drain out excess, but you will find you don't need much to apply to the tank side walls, just concentrate on the holes in the front and rear. I should of talked more about that in the video, but tried to keep it under 10 min.
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