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Default Re: Engine Questions

@Ibedayank, sorry here are the Briggs and Stratton first

that is for the 550 series its 127cc's WAY more than I need anything 50cc and above in michigan requires insurance, so I'm looking for 49cc and below. Has a 2.0qt gas tank 4 stroke


this is the 800 series again its 205cc's so overkill, I was looking at the 2.9qt gas tank 4 stroke


This is the Honda GX25, its 25cc's only a .61qt gas tank 4 stroke. I can get one for $200

4., This is a Honda GX35 its 35cc's has a .67qt gas tank 4 stroke. I can get one for $210.

5., This is a Honda GHX50 this is a 49cc 4 stroke, .81qt gas tank, requires me to use gasoline at 86 octane or higher.

6., this is a Honda GXV50, 49cc's, .29qt gas tank.

Looks like I'm going for either the Honda GX25 or Honda GX35, currently searching the internet for a modification to hold 1 gallon of gas without leaking.

chaindrive friction drive bolt another sprocket to the rear wheel or use the gears already on the bike
some type of belt drive?
I am planning on bolting the engine to the back wheel, I was planning on using the gears already on the bike IF it works out that way. this video basically explains what I'm trying to do trying to contact that guy personally, so far no response
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