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Originally Posted by deacon View Post
if the unexpected makes you crazy, don't buy one of these bike kits. You will be insane within the first year.

I have been working with alternate engine bikes lately so haven't started my china girl bike in a month or more. Today I thought I had better run it a little. So, I had left it full of gas and it was dead empty. That should have been a hint something was wrong. I poured a quart of gas in it anyway.

It poured out the carb. I thought the worst of course so I pulled the bowl to see what the deal was. I even shot some cleaner in the bottom of the carb mechanism. When I reassembled it, it did the same thing, gas poured. It had a huge leak at the gas line. I have never seen one leak so much at the gas line. I had some old clear gas line so I stuck it on. That solved problem one. It also the shut off gas tank valve doesn't.

I finally got it started and it was rough as a cob. (As my daddy would say, based on when country folks used corn cobs after a bathroom break if you know what I mean.) I finally smoothed out be was louder than my ww bike. Second clue that I ignored. I rode it to the lake and back. When I got to my driveway I noticed the muffler was hanging by a single loose nut.

I tightened it down then off I went in search of an m6 nut. Two home improvement stores later, I put it on in their parking lot and home I came.

Now a man with less patience would have set fire to the bike. Lord he would have done it the first day, but since the bike got me building alternate engine bikes, I can't complain. I do plan to sell it for scrap though,
This story should not be the "unexpected" it is the "Challenge".
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