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I live in IL and commute 15miles each way to work and home pedaling a bicycle. I have been doing this for 5yrs now using different bikes depending on riding conditions.

I started doing the commute riding an aluminum mongose full suspension mtb i picked up at wally world for 250 and put slicks on it. A few months riding it and I was clipped by a car and that bike was wasted. From just those few months the bike had already started to develop wear issues so I replaced it with a GT zaskar I built up using xtr components.

I rode that bike for a year or so until I came across a deal on a litespeed roadie and started riding it. What an amazing difference that was. After riding that bike I was hooked.

I started buying frames, building bikes, have ridden in a couple races, and have really gotten into the sport. Now I have a "bike shed" for my bikes with boxes of parts and frames hanging in it.

My problem now is my body is showing what 150 - 250 miles per week in the saddle for 5yrs will do to it. So as a birthday present to myself I picked up a 67/80cc motor kit for days when my body screams at me not to pedal. Now the only question is what frame to put it on.

I have a couple mtb frames, a couple road frames, a tt frame, and a few others hanging in the shed. They are all top end frames made using various materials.

So I came to this forum in search of knowledge and good advice on what to do and where to go. From what I have read on here already I have full confidence I will get both.

Nice to meet you all!
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