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Default Re: Clutch is grinding against Cover Hummmm...

Thanks AL. Funny story hehe hahaha oh my sides. I took the cover off again before I left college today and the jam nut, you know the one
Originally Posted by recon chris View Post
I left out the locking washers off (because they were made in china and I could bend them in half between my fingers) and replaced their function by using a generous amount of blue thread locker.
Ya it had backed out to the end of the thread...ya I know blue locktite didn’t hold it for more than 25 miles I'm disappointed to....and ya I know, what an A$$ I am for trusting it in replace for an actual lock washer. (what I get for being cheep)

However your information will be of great help I'll do a real job of it later on tonight. Fortunately today I just happened to have a socket wrench and a #19 socket in my school backpack so I got home ok (its as if I don't trust my bike). I can’t thank you enough for your info because all I did when I first installed it was tighten the nut and I didn't seat it.

Its and open shut case Al. thanks!

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