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Unhappy Clutch is grinding against Cover Hummmm...

So here is the deal. I have just recently rebuilt my engine from the crank shaft up and have installed all components almost to exactly what they were stock. You can read and catch up on the exact engine I’m talking about on this forum here

The problem I’m having is that ever since I have rebuilt the engine the clutch “position holder screw” and the clutch “flower nut” grind into the clutch cover when I pull the clutch in (or pull the clutch plate away from the clutch pads). This never happened before.
I am using the original clutch pads so no thickness has been added there and when I screw the flower nut to the correct position it will still grind itself against the clutch cover.

When I reassembled the clutch part of the engine I left the heavy spring clutch unit alone so that is still stock. I did change one thing though. When I put the jam nuts on both sides of the clutch assembly (the sprocket and the clutch side) I left out the locking washers off (because they were made in china and I could bend them in half between my fingers) and replaced their function by using a generous amount of blue thread locker.

Another thing is that I cranked on the jam nut on the clutch side first and then later did the same to the sprocket side. Maybe this was wrong and cranking the jam nut all the way down on the clutch side pulled the entire clutch assembly out of alignment?

Please I really need your help guys (and really don’t want to have to split the case again)

The clutch has now gotten to the point where for some reason pulling the clutch in won’t engage the clutch. I went in an loosened the flower nut but after a few minutes of riding it did the same thing (odd since the position screw is in place and the flower nut shouldn’t move.)

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