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Smile Re: market for stretch cruiser MB's?

Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Spunout, ask supplier to put your company name on shipping label. For one at a time sales, use the distributer as a "drop shipper" that way you don't have to pay for shipping to you or sit on product. You buy it first hand, but ship to end consumer. That and you have a bigger inventory then you are paying to warehouse. Shave 20%, make a profit but above all else offer a good deal so you sleep well with no worries.
Folks shop by price but they stay with a company that looks out for them and makes them feel like they are part of a larger thing.

Thanks for the laugh, I waz feeling estupid, snork. All about the fun. Man I love this place.
I didnt know about using them to drop-ship *JUMP SHIP!!*, and thats a heck of an idea. thanks for that. SnOrK.

Originally Posted by RedB66 View Post
I am very fond of the stretch cruiser bikes. I've built a couple. I am however not fond of Micargi. Nice looking bikes but....the just dont hold up. I have two cracked frames. My first bike (the red one in the header) cracked around the crank housing and now the second one cracked around the head tube. maybe I have got a couple lemons by chance but I am done with Micargi.
I do like the ride of the stretch so I have ordered a Greenline BC 103 26'' Greenline BC-103 Chopper Springer Stretch Beach Cruiser Bike Berry The dimensions are the same as the Micargi's, the cost is less and hopefully the welds are sufficient to hold up to the demands of cruising at 35MPH.
As far as marketing goes....I have had several offers on my bike ($700-$1000). It is a conversation piece.
thats your bike ive seen at the top of the page....nice!
thanks for the 411 re:micargi. you're not the only one thats said that.
thats a good bike link....300bills w/shipping. i found this one: Skateboards and Longboards from which, is also greenline. $267 total with shipping. we've already knocked a hundred off, by using another bike.
using dan's idea about drop-ship, we can get it down even further.

i could see big offers for redb66's cruiser. nice work.
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Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
You are one sick man spun, I like that quality in a person.
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