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Default Frame Breaking, Carb Flooding, and other joys from China, Can you help?

Well, It appears these kits can drive you over the edge if you let them, 2 months in and endless stoppages and stud replacements. I can't really be this bad at sticking a engine to a bike can I?

The beginning

I wake up to a stupendously wonderful sight on the front doorstep, a box titled "66cc Motorized Bike Kit" with an anything but subtle Made In China on the side. I rip it apart and follow a YouTube video to put it together, she runs well, hits 46km/h after run-in. This only lasted for so long, as life would have it be, my carb started to randomly let to much fuel in and apparently no amount of adjusting could fix the issue, and not too long after this more issues pop up, broken stud mounts and having to rethread and tap new mount holes repeatedly. Oh and the front mount cleanly cracked the frame....

Can you help?

Basically I'm after 4 things.

1. Which carb should I purchase, speed or CNS v2? (Dellorto is out of my price range at the moment)

2. Can you provide me with a link or a suggestion for better mounting positions? I have an idea for the rear but I just don't like the flimsy front mount.

3. I want to make my own frame, is there a thread that can provide me with help on bending around 1" diameter pipe? And perhaps suggestions for rear triangles and hubs to be used..

4. Shift kits, I want one. Can I build a frame that has a derailleur on the rear but a fixed single gear on the pedal portion?

I thank all who read this, and certainly appreciate and help offered, this little hobby is jolly annoying but jolly addictive.


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