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Default Re: Enough Power?

Ya know, Enejnn, once I got my China Gurl dialed in, tuned, (whatever) I was using her to commute 9 miles to work, up some steep hills then back down. I would just shut down the engine on the downhill ride. Though I weigh around 200 pounds myself, I never had much trouble doing the everyday commute thing (until the guy in the truck hit me, don't get me started on him). Still have the same engine on a different bike. Don't know how many thousand miles offhand. Starts every time, hardly any maintenance. But it is a two stroke so you do have to know a little bit about what you're doing with it.

I think, with a performance air filter and some fine tuning, you could make a China two-stroke work for you - if it's what you want, & what you're comfortable with.

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