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Default Re: How to Add suspension

Originally Posted by fairracing31 View Post
I started to make a suspension seat post but realized it was going to make the seat to tall for me. So my plan is when I get the time is to make one for my height. It will not be as fancy as this one, all I need is the right spring which I have not had time to look for yet.

This is a shock off something....don't know where it came from. Could be a rear shock from a bicycle? I think it would work great for taller riders, I can ride with it but it is a little uncomfortable for me when I have to pedal.

But, I thought it would help you guy's get some ideals...

dude that would be perfect for me, i'm 6'5 and from what i have found is the best suspension set-up for a motorized bicycle is oil-filled shocks in the front, and a seat with dual coil springs
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