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Default Re: Help, crank problem boygofast

well after looking on his e bay page it shows the pic of what I received
so instead of waiting days to hear back I decided to bend the crank with a torch
I only did the one side I need
It went pretty easily, but I notice both pedals screw hole isnt dead on straight
so when I pedal they feel like they twist a touch under my feet

I will have to see how bad it is, before fixing that

I think later I will paint it all black to match what I had before, the chrome just doent look good with my color scheme

Now ive noticed I cant start the bike anymore on my jackstand kicking the pedal, feels like a ton of resistance
Im guessing its the new clutch and all that rotating mass
And from the few minutes I rode it, it felt like its harder to pedal too, and on a beach cruiser it was already bad enough

Must the the extra weight of the clutch
Now I need to find out why I have so many parts left over from the new clutch and what to do with the threaded hole in the new cover, why is it even there?

I did straighten out the area where the pedal connects to this was an early pic
pedal now sits flat
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