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Default Re: market for stretch cruiser MB's?

Hi Spunout. That is a sweet lokin' ride!

Just my way of doing one at a time or specialty orders is a flat 20% on top and look for the best deal.

If ordered at one unit at a time, I first try to work a deal with the distributer. Is very true, almost any one will nagosheate (sp, I am so far off even google is going "wut?") a bit even if they are not selling you 1,000 units at first. The hope of bigger sales to you later is cause enough to get most folks to at least talk to you. If you get the price down the 20% then add it as your commission, your in line with the market and keeping a roof over you and yours.

The 20% rule is my own and not in any way an accepted standard by any one but me. I am as bad at math as I am with spelling. snork
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