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Default Re: Titan XC 35 Who Owns One?

The Tanaka PF 3300 is a 32.4 cc 1.6 hp motor. I don't mind the noise much. What I don't like about the two-stroke is I can't keep it in my apartment. Due to the fuel being blasted into the air cleaner (the nature of two stroke motors) it stinks.

I'll go with another two-stroke if I must, because of lack of money. I'd prefer a four-stroke motor.

On the That's Dax web site it says the Titan XC35 has a 9500 rpm range. That is 1000 higher than some of the two-strokes they sell. I was wondering if it had a limiter or if I'd need to not run it wide open as I do with my Tanaka.

Montana has a 50 cc motor size limit and a top speed limit of 30 mph for motorized bicycles. I'm well within that range. My top speed is about 20+ on level ground. Going 45 mph would be fun but I don't need that much speed.

I do pedal during starts and going up overpasses. Sometimes I must pedal into strong headwinds. I don't mind. I need the exercise.

A four stroke motor would be cheaper to operate because I wouldn't need to be buying two-stroke oil. Saving the messiness during refueling would be a bonus. Usually I buy a gallon and a half of gasoline every nine days of riding. I keep it at home and refuel every day. It is my hope that the four-stroke motor will get better mileage too.
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