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Default Re: Build is getting out of hand, and I have not even started yet!

Originally Posted by Dirt Road Cowboy View Post
Tell me about it!

I'm still working on getting my first CG running, and in the mean time, I bought a Worksman to make a BTR out of, and another old frame to make into a Rat Bike.

I also bought a few moped engines for those frames, and I just bought a 4 stroke friction drive kit today, and I don't even have a bike to put it on yet!

Yes, I do believe it's an addiction, and I blame all of you guys!
Whew, I feel so much better!

Today I picked up a $10 weed eater and a $15 Kent Super Scooter to turn into a friction drive setup to sell to help fund my bike project. Something tells me it will not actually end up in someone else's hands...

I am picking up a good condition Power Wheels Xtreme Machine (go kart) this weekend that was on CL for free (but needs a battery of course). The plan was to get a new SLA battery for it and repaint it to sell, but I have a sneaking suspicion that my son will latch onto that one and it will have to stay.

So my garage just got more crowded and I am no closer to actually getting my bike built. BUT, at least I am having fun

BTW, after spending some time cruising MopedArmy for a tank, I really want to say a huge "thank you" to y'all. The community here is so friendly and helpful, I really appreciate it. I am sure it is a culture thing, but the forums over there are just plain hostile. This is definitely a nice place to spend time.
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