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Default Re: Gnarley-Davidson

harry - After taking another look at your bike and looking at drum brakes, I've got to say I realllly like them. I can't stand coaster brakes. I just hate 'em.

Yeah, I'm hoping he's still up for showing me how to weld, either way he's helping me out with any fab work I need. I didn't realize the seat post was still on the list, I guess I haven't updated it in a while.

I definitely want to do as much as I can myself, but for now I also just want to get it rideable.

LS614 - How about the monark forks that have been re-welded and strengthened like the one that VMB sells?

I'll take a look at those wheels. I like the sound of US made.

I'll look into the brake light switch, but the light kit I got works with a brake cable. I'm hoping to modify it to my needs. I'm going to stuff the LEDs for the brake/ tail light into an old Model A "Stop" brake light.

I was considering the bar end mirror as well. Thought this one might be better.

Cool, I'll try to snag a whizzer speedometer. Ebay?

The stem was more of an idea of the type I want to use. I should have one or two laying around from my bmx bikes.

Wasn't sure about the kickstand. I'll probably fab one up.

I saw a bike online with a Harley style tank. It was big, but not huge. I mocked one up to actual size on paper, put it together and have it sitting on my frame. Its not too bad. However, I may go with a minibike tank as you suggested that I just came across. Imperial Cycles used to have mini peanut tanks and I was about to order one, but asked if they were actually metal or fiberglass/ plastic and they said they lost contact with their supplier and now I have read here on the forum that they are taking money and no one is hearing back from them.

I'll check out the throttle from Napa. If I can't get one, will either of the others work or are they specific to certain carbs/ engines (I think the site said they are, I don't remember...).

I was thinking about the jackshaft. I totally agree, and want to make one myself, just thinking for now to get it rideable, but I'll end up spending more money buying the kit then doing it myself so it isn't worth it.

Thanks sooo much for the help guys. Seriously, I really appreciate it.

- Zane
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