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Default What is my engine called?

I tried to get an old-style aircleaner out of Blue Collar for what I thought was a DAX, but apparently that is not the corrct name for my supposedly 80cc Chinese moped kit. Is it a Happy Time, or China Girl, or what? It is just the standard pint-sized Whizzer tank and the noisy gearcase thing that comes with an almost 41 chain and a black chainguard and a white killswitch wire that is believed capable of running a headlight. Can anybody tell me what voltage headlight would work? The aircleaner cover I need is a black plastic thing with air intake tubes pointed down and secured with a radial pin on one side and a screw on the other. The first parts source told me it was obsolete and I should buy his carburator complete with air cleaner. The other Blue Collar, said I should call Dax, which is what I did origionally. I recently discovered I still have a Kawasaki Green Streak 100cc in a bucket, and I think it might fit the frame just as good. Keith (trackfodder) Williams
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