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Default Build is getting out of hand, and I have not even started yet!

LOL, so I have been planning my build for a while now and am FINALLY settling in on the configuration I think I want. So time to start slooooooowly ordering parts as the budget allows.

I notice that the longer I wait, the longer the list gets! What started as "get a cheap bike and mount a China Girl" became:

- Get a cheap bike, scored a $25 Cranny of CL... check
- Hmmm, needs a front brake, cheapo cantilever? Nah, brakes are important, let's go with a $70 Sturmey Archer XL-FD
- If I have to pay my LBS to lace up the drum brake, I should probably get better wheels too since my cranny looks to have 14g spokes (my wife's is a new Panama Jack with much larger spokes, so assume hers are 12g?). Those Weinmann DH-39s look great, $70 for the pair? Sure!
- While not necessary, wouldn't a black springer fork look nice with that new wheel and drum brake? They are not that expensive, just another $40...
- And if I flip the bars, wouldn't a layback seat post really make for a nice fit? Of course it would... $30
- Uh, I might actually want a motor... thinking the BGF RB80 kit on eBay might work out ok $180
- Gotta upgrade the bolts... $10
- Oh yeah, the forums tell me the stock plug wire and plug are junk, vintage looking wire with NGK B6HS from Pirate Cycles $15
- And I really do want to protect the fancy shmancy new wheels and not use a rag joint, $60 MM adapter and 40T sprocket
- Hmmm, hope the bike does not fall over from the extra weight. Let me change out the sidestand for a rear axle stand $20
- Wow that stock gas tank does not appeal to me at all... let's see if this moped tank fits $45 (I actually have one on the way from a Concorde XKS that supposedly has a decent petcock)

And that is just for my "initial build", I also plan on eventually going to an RT carb, better seat, high compression head, expansion chamber, lights, white tires...

I was tempted to just get the motor first to have plenty of time to take it apart and go through it, but I *know* that I would not be able to resist just mounting it up. At very least I would want to upgrade the brakes first.

Out of that list, so far I have... the bike. LOL. The moped tank is one the way. I really need to stop planning this build out, I am going broke(r) and have not even done anything yet!!!

I will actually start a build thread when I get rolling, just wanted to share my plight, I am sure I am in good company
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