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Originally Posted by enjenn View Post
I am still in the market for a motor. This summer, I will be making a 5 mile commute with an elevation gain of about 690 feet (from 6642' to 7332'). During that five miles I will be going up and down during which I will climb a total of 1190'. I weigh about 115#. Will a 4-stroke, 49cc engine make it a pleasant ride or will it just be extra weight? Does anyone have any insight? I plan on mounting it in-frame on an aluminum mountain bike.

Thanks in advance,
I weigh 220# Ride a basically stock 66cc HT (mounted on a cruiser) and can climb to the top of Oak Mountain without any problem, a climb in excess of 900' WITHOUT peddling. Be careful with aluminum frames, they tend to crack. Front gate to the top is about 6 miles. Great ride, and some roads have quite a bit of a incline.
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