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Default Re: Gnarley-Davidson

Thanks LS614!

So, I've been trying to make a parts list. What are your thoughts?

HEAVY DUTY Front Disc Brake Kit w/ monark dropouts - (Venice Motorbikes)

Monark Forks - (Venice Motorbikes)

Laid-back seat post - (

Heavy duty 26" steel wheel set - (Venice Motorbikes)

Dual pull brake lever - (Venice Motorbikes)

mirror -

speedometer -

4 bolt stem -

vintage plug wire -

kickstand -

Harley Sportster peanut tank

I'm sure I'm leaving stuff out. I can't find a kit without an engine, that'd be so much easier than piecing everything together. Oh, also wanted to know if you guys think either of these will work since I'm not using a "kit engine:"

If not, what do you suggest?

I'm going to run two brake levers, one on the left to control the front brake, then a dual pull brake lever on the right to control the rear brake and brake light switch.

Also, do you think this jackshaft would work or should I build one from scratch?

Thanks again for all the info and advice!
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