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Default Re: Oil fuel mixture (more is not better)

Calgarysfool my RD did 3rd gear wheelies (no lie). You could pull up in 4th goin' 60 next to some guy on a modern sport, drop a gear, pull the front off the ground and start shiftin up before she flipped over on ya. A guy I was trading parts w/ in AK was putting 100 hp to an RD 350 Drag bike.

I hope no one understood me to be suggesting any particular ratio. It's just that I seem to run into the misconception of more oil is better in the m/c community and I noticed it a little here. These are obviously not high mileage motors but it sure would be interesting to know how far some of the higher mileage motors have gone and what their owners did to make'm go that far. There are a lot of factors in choosing a ratio and I don't claim to be any sort of expert on the subject, I just have a rudimentary understanding. On unmodified engines, the manufacturers instructions should be accurate. However, That being said These motors are made in China and Indonesia and probably other local's as well. Poor translation into english , quality of oil available in that particular region compared to quality of oil you use, petro vs synth, these are just a few complicating factors. In truth you want to use just enough so that it doesn't seize no matter how you ride within reason. You should use the highest quality oil you can afford and that is readily available to you i.e. don't switch oils often, find a good one and stick w/ it. Some of the race quality oils will give you guidelines to follow. Just like a 4 stroke, your plugs should be light brown but not tan and power should be crisp. If thats the case and you've been ridin' around without seizin' your probably fine.

I haven't read of any seizures so far!

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