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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by 5-7HEAVEN View Post
JMO, I think you're in for a disappointing ride with those gears. You will definitely know this when you're stopped at the bottom of a steep ramp or hill, and try to climb it.

Ask me how I know this.

With a 3-ish hp 10,000rpm engine, you'll be making less than 2hp @ 6,000rpm.

If your engine has 10,000rpm capabilities, you'll be shifting @ 10,000rpm, not 6,000rpm. No one shifts 4,000rpm short of the redline.

My 2.8HP Tanaka 47R engine is rated @ 7,000rpm redline. With the pipe, I'm shifting @ 8,000rpm or a little less. If I'm putting around, I shift @ 5500rpm.

Here's how your gearing works @ high rpm.

First gear.....22.9mph @ 8,000rpm.....28.6mph @ 10,000rpm.
Second gear.....32.5mph @ 8,000rpm.....40.6mph @ 10,000rpm.
Third gear.....35.4mph @ 8,000rpm.....44.3mph @ 10,000rpm.
Fourth gear.....38.9mph @ 8,000rpm.....48.7mph @ 10,000rpm.
Fifth gear...43.3mph @ 8,000rpm.....54.1mph @ 10,000rpm.
Sixth gear.....48.7mph @ 8,000rpm.....60.9mph @ 10,000rpm.
Seventh gear.....55.6mph @ 8,000rpm.....69.5mph @ 10,000rpm.

You will run out of road in second gear.

In comparison, here's my gearing @ 7,000rpm redline and 8,000rpm:

First gear.....12.1mph @ 7,000rpm.....13.9mph @ 8,000rpm.
Second gear.....15.9mph.....18.1mph @ 8,000rpm.
Third gear.....17.9mph.....20.5 @ 8,000rpm.
Fourth gear.....20.6mph.....23.6mph @ 8,000rpm.
Fifth gear.....24.3mph.....27.7mph @ 8,000rpm.
Sixth gear.....27.5mph.....31.4mph @ 8,000rpm.
Seventh gear.....31.7mph.....36.2mph @ 8,000rpm.
Eighth gear.....37.5mph.....42.8mph @ 8,000rpm.

Hmm, good point. I'll see how it handles, right now the first reduction is 6t to 40t, i can always get a bigger gear from i think they have it up to 70t or something crazy. Like that.
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