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Default Re: Boy Go Fast Gave Me the Shaft With No Key and No fortune Cookie

Originally Posted by heretolearn View Post
Thanks for the input, I'm still looking for the information on installing the key, I already ordered the key and tool so I just need to know what I'm doing first before I attempt the installation. Thanks
First of when you get the gear puller, make sure the threads are good. You may need to take a small 3 corner file and work on the teeth. Make sure that the tool is bottomed out when threading it on to the gear BEFORE you attempt to remove it. When installing the woodruff key ensure that it fits correctly (in the key way and gear). Then take a drop of super glue and put a drop in the shaft key way, insert key and let dry. This is VERY helpful when replacing the magnet key. More gear pullers will be destroyed because the tool is not seated properly and when removing the gear you strip the threads in the tool rather then the gear as the pulled is softer.
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