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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

[QUOTE=happycheapskate;364457]A lot of low-end bikes use a rear derailleur with its own hanger built in. (usually found on bikes with long horizontal dropouts, using a solid axle).

Thanks for the lead, happycheapskate. I'll look into that, as soon as the frame arrives.

Aleman's Quote: Nice frame, 5-7. However, I don't think those guides are for a derailleur. There seems to be no derailleur mount on that frame.
Looks like guides for an internal hub's shifter cable. Although, one doesn't often see internal-hub bikes with V-brakes...

You might be right. I'm glad you guys are here to point things out. I'm not sure myself and will keep researching.

[QUOTE=DaveC;364452]$31 might have been the bid you won at but $92 for shipping needs to be added in, too Is it that expensive to ship to Hawaii? Or did the seller stab you on the shipping? I know that some sellers add their minimum to the shipping but that just seems a bit much

Dave, it is EXTREMELY expensive shipping to Hawaii, but sometimes I get a break. No such thing as free UPS Ground shipping. Some sellers won't even sell or ship to Hawaii buyers. I have a drop point in California. Sometimes it's cheaper to ship there, then reship to me.

I got lucky. I WAS gonna eat the $92 shipping, but the vendor offered to ship via Parcel Post(slow boat), which will cost me $42. Frames are tough, so it should handle bad handling.

For me, $73 for a new steel quality cruiser frame with v-brakes and wide dropouts is my wish come true!

I was willing to be stiffed for $175 for this Diamondback. The new Roadmaster frame w/coaster brake on ebay would've cost me $150.

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