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Default my opinion on the china girl motor ..

I am a master automotive technician & also the only guy in the USA remapping software for saabs so I am a tuner as well...Jak Stoll Performance

I bought an engine from boygofast & yeah I taxed its ass pretty good but it was perticularly out of ballance
I ended up having the piston ring locator dowel come out & lock the cylinder up
when i got in there the main bearings were bad & teh lower rod was a tad loose
I put that back together in haste & found out that the case got dammages when the bearing

so in about 3 weeks this engine was a total mess

as I understand it there are several supliers selling for many shops in china....
my understanding now is that its kinda a pig & a poke which only 2 guys I fealt were strait with me
I bought 2 upperends& had a bttom from five flags sent up & the rod was longer on the five flags bije they are trueley helpoful spookuyoonootth seem like a nice groupl of folk
I also saw the htatsdax & spoke with him he seemed like a cool cat
I just get the feeling that some of us get great engines & others get crappy ones & it would be cool to know who has the good ones
some of the dtuff cant be missmatched as there are subtle changes which force one to employ Mcgavern techniques fro engine buildiing
ambien is kicking in :nite nite
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