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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

On my Briggs bike coming together I cleaned out the gunk in the pawl clutch of the recoil starter. Last time I was adjusting the point gap and was testing it, I had not known why it would not start up after one of those loud screeches from the pawl clutch. It was late and all I checked was the spark and there was none. So since it was screeching now and then too often it all came apart and degreased and relubed.

Of course when I took off the flywheel to get to the points after cleaning the pawl clutch, I saw I had two pieces key. Yep enough force from the engine trying to spin the recoil spring tight and throw the pull cord out at me had the key shear. It did so very clean. No scratches on the keyway and I scrounged up another from an old engine lying around. I will keep extras on hand though; the ones for my centrifugal clutch and jackshaft are not the same dimensions.

I also was getting the point gap set right and it usually takes two or three tries. I got it a little better, but at high throttle not smooth and looses power. I made the gap a little wider from last time and will do that again. After that if it gets still better fine. If it gets worse, then I'll go the other way but just very little to zone in on it for best overall running at all speeds. No carb adjustments for the one I have since I switched from the vacujet to bowl type gravity feed from higher tank.

The idle adjust part of my home made throttle linkages I got set so it idles nice. With the final adjust of points, I can get back to hooking up brake and twist throttle cables. The jackshaft and belts try out and give it a ride soon.


One other note, I found that initially putting the cover back on the pawl clutch, had the rubber gasket in upside down. It will not spin smooth that way. The ridge in the gasket faces out as in the middle picture shows.
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