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A little history lesson here---------

In 1960 Mr Honda wanted to build a 4 stroke engine that would compete with the 2 strokes in the 250cc class. So he designed a 6 cylinder 250 cc engine with overhead cams.. the rest in history For the next 4 years the 2 strokers couldn't compete. His little four stroker cleaned thier clocks.

I currently own two 6 cylinder Honda CBX's. a 1979, (first year), and a 1982, (Last year of production.) 1000cc engines & 105 HP. 11 sec quarter mile!!!

4 stroke engines if designed correctly will always outperform the 2 strokes. ( Better fuel/ flow, & better hp/ torque curve). Also the 4 strokers took over in the model airplane industry for the same reasons.

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