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Default Re: Getting all 3 Horse Power out of your GT-5 Sky? (tear down)

Originally Posted by recon chris View Post
Thanks guys!!

The expansion chamber I know will be a big help. How fast do you go with that 32 tooth sprocket. That seems soo low. On the flats does the engine get on top of the gear and rev it out? If it does then...DAM YOUR GOING FAST. I have a 39 but am thinking about dropping a tooth or two after the power modifications.

Biknut..tell me how that magnet works. I saw it a few weeks ago and was interested in buying one. Have you heard of Jaguars' modified motorcycle C.D.I. that he sells? Its like having a real motorcycle C.D.I. but it works on 6 volts.
I haven't been clocked, or even have a speedometer. But I feel I am getting very close to, if not about 40. As it seems I am keeping up with traffic very well on the secondary routes. My bike is light, it's a Trek 3700 all aluminum frame, and weighs in at just over 40 lbs. Also, that's where the tune pipe really helps getting off the line and up to speed with the extra torque.

I have also noticed, that everytime I shorten the head pipe, it wants to rev out a little more. Although I have my pipe in the UP position, I have gotten to the point where I can't shorten it any more, because the head pipe wraps around the front of the downtube.
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