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Default Re: Getting all 3 Horse Power out of your GT-5 Sky? (tear down)

Get an expansion chamber! After I installed my SBP exhaust, I could quickly tell a HUGE difference. Almost like it nearly doubled the HP, and helped it rev out more. Not to mention a big increase in torque. i am a pretty big guy, I weigh in at about 230 lbs, but I am able to run a 32 tooth rear sprocket with 26'' tires. And it still pulls my big A#&$ up hills very nicely! ( With some peddling assist ) I feel my engine is still breaking in, as I have only run about 3 gallons through it so far. And every time I ride it, it seems to get a little stronger! if it keeps this up, I may be entering Bairdco territory in terms of speed!

I also notice after my rebuild, it would do what you discribe and not want to rev out, or hit redline. It my need to just break in more, hope this helps.

Peace, James

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