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Default Re: what speed

I don't know your exact gear cluster set, so I'll just post results for your 1st and 6th gear. All speeds are 1MPH.

[44, 30, 10T]
1st gear: 9MPH @ 4500 (torque peak), 14MPH @ 7000 (horsepower peak)

6th gear: 18MPH @ 4500, 28MPH @ 7000RPM

The SBP gears you posted are for the 2-stroke kit tho. The 4-stroke kit comes with a 48T outer, 30T inner, and a 10T j/s output standard. Ofc, the gears can be substituted. I recommend using a 48T outer crank, 36T inner crank, and 10T jackshaft output. I use those gears on my 4-stroke shifter, and the ratios are fine. Here's what you'd be running with those gears:

[48, 36, 10T]
1st gear: 11MPH @ 4500RPM, 17MPH @ 7000RPM

6th gear: 22MPH @ 4500, 34MPH @ 7000

As you see, with the 2nd set of gears, you get a better cruising speed and still have a lot of hillclimbing ability.
Hope this helps.

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