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Default Woohoo! Just went Over 500 Miles

I built my ride for the sole purpose of transportation to and from work. I have a lot of problems "breaking it in". But I am glad to say that I've been trouble free for the last 150 miles and I'm loving the ride...But now it's getting REAL cold in the mornings! I drive 4 miles to work, doing 30MPH top speed most of the time. There are 5 stop lights I get stuck at sometimes (oh the looks folks give me!) but its just a straight shot down the road, no turning involved. And there is this one hill (big @$$ hill) that makes my speed drop from 32 to 24 by the time I hit the top.

Future upgrades:
chrome muffler (already purchased, just no time to port and polish and mount)
Jackshaft kit
Front fork suspension
seat post shock
dual brakes, hopefully disk
new paint job
and maybe a performance carb (eh, why not right?)

and now how much have I saved?
well, I spent $50 on the bike, $250 on the kit, $50 on extra parts = $350 +/-
my truck gets 17MPG, so 500@17MPG ~ 29.5 gallons, now @ $4.00/gallon, that comes to $118.
my bike get ~160+/-MPG, so 500@160 ~3 gallons, now @$4.00/gallon, that comes to $12

so I saved $106 in gas. grrr, I need to ride for another 6 months to break even...and then I'm in the black!

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