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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Thanks Msrfan…I will do that and if necessary shorten or lengthen the pull cord if all the square flats have any of the 4 side up. I need that marked corner up and with a 17 or so degree tilt back on my engine I will make any compensation to have the point up when the pull handle is fully retracted.

I'll look to see about the two types of systems on ignition. I have in the past actually spent 5 times adjusting to really get one engine timing right. I know I don't want to wear out the threads dissembling and assembling.

On my an Old Chevette with the ability to adjust the distributor cap while running the motor to set the timing had done many more times adjusting the timing, I had not known there was a bad crimp connection (essentially a variable resistor) going from the battery to the positive side of the coil. I had it advance and retard by itself as the vibration of the engine and the loosening and weathered crimp connector changed its resistance from 0ohms to well enough to have me at an underpass on an LA freeway messing with it. I know the cap was tightened down good and didn’t move, so finally that was solved.

Hey KC…..Patina a temp thing, but KC is there rat bikes that use rust and good chrome contrast?

HCS….., take a look at my post on page 1 post #6 pic 1 & 2 of the 5 there at "Motor Bike DIY'er build to add side car maybe?"
Plywood with epoxy and paint sandwich to attach to spokes 10 inch washing machine pulley using ss hdwr locking nylon an split locks. Later when tested blue loctite on threads with metal primer first.

I thought of the thread have you found anything good while riding your motorbike. Well since I was just scrounging the garbage for parts for my motor bike OHV / Art Vehicle, where I was not really riding my motor bike, maybe that it does not apply. I did though find an antenna rotor (Gorilla brand) that weighs like half the weight of my motor bike. It probably came down with an antenna as the guy plate had 1/4 inch steel mangled.

I have to cut away bend in sleeve and rotor tube to free it up and see if motor turns. I am making a double jackshaft mod to what I have now to get parade speed with 47:1 ratio, so maybe there is a way to use the rotor motor to be a starter motor. Now with a side car I could hook up a crank up mast and beam antenna when stopped. I have sections of a tower that was trashed; maybe I could trade it for a crank up mast at a scrap yard.

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