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Default Re: Point Beach gets an EZM kit.

Oil oil everywhere!
I measured out 8 1/2 oz. (as instructed) of HondaPro4 10-40, poured it in, and it overflowed.
I just let it sit there for a while and drool out what it did not want, about 2 1/2 oz.
I wiped everything down twice and went out to get some fresh gas.
Filled the tank about 1/3 full, set the choke at 3/4 closed and it fired up on the 3rd pull.
Such a nice and quiet little engine it is!

Now that I can watch the engine turn the chain and rear wheel on it's own, my chain alignment fears have come to rest. I messed with the chain alignment some more after it derailed. I am sooooo very glad that I installed that old metal spoke guard! It did it's job and no harm was done to the Staton rear wheel. The chain itself has a horrible bow in it. The rear sprocket moves back and forth less than 1/8" if even that much. The chain snaked all over the place. I thought I saw it before when I initially fiddled around with it, but I hoped for the best and tried to adjust it out. You cannot adjust out a crookedly manufactured chain.
I reset the engine placement to get the best possible compromise to keep the chain on the sprocket, and took her for her maiden voyage, slowly.... very slowly.... just in case the chain jumped again. It did not, but it still "popped" a couple of times. I am not going any further on that issue until I can afford a quality chain for her. I am not going to risk damaging anything on it due to the chain misbehaving.
There are still lots of things on the to do list in the mean time.

The build as it sits today:

Here you can see how far over I moved the engine to try and make the snarky chain happy. There were no washers in there when I first installed the support bracket.

A little fuzzy, but that's as good as my camera could do:
"It's a chinagirl. It's a sometimes fun little engine that often will break your heart. It's disposable.

Does not come with a fortune cookie."

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