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Default Re: Boy Go fast Customer Service ?


That's kinda pretty good customer service!
Instruction for the fix!

Whackin' parts and pieces with a basher is called "fitment". :-)

Yah, there may be a woodruff key missing from original build, and if the clutch hub nut is loosening, perhaps there should be a star washer behind it??? I can't recall, but it should show in my pics, or in Lord Vader's clutch pics. (an interference fit of a hub on a tapered shaft is not really extra-ordinary, and a keyway is generally used where the transmission of power must be precisely indexed. In this application, it's not... in a timing rotor, it is.)
(Yet if the machining is marginal, the fitment should be lapped, or a key used.)

a bit of loctite on that thread would probably be a good idea. the machining may be mis-matched in tolerances between the thread and the nut causing it to loosen up.

Good luck

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