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Originally Posted by DaveC View Post
Welcome and thx for those photos. You weld up a cool bike hey Dave, i see your point regarding a pushbike not meant to go that fast, although there are some guys here down under who are hitting 97 k/ph, with a single small rear sprocket, although they have no take off power whatsoever, my theory is to make it capable of that but not necessarily doing so, i have given this bike much thought and would like the flexibility of power and safety, hence the full suspension. At the moment the bike is in the design stage, i will be addressing the issue of the derrailler, possibly ditching it for a new shimano (11 speed hub SG 700) with disc brakes because the derailler fouls on the frame and i cannot select top gear.
The frame of the bike has a tube wall thickness of 2.2mm which should withstand the shockload of bumps etc,,
I shall be going for a morini s6s motor with sick bike parts, jackshaft and i will need to do some fancy machining to incorporate a tensioned drivechain to take up the slack of the rear suspension,, this puppy is going to be a balltearer, but its gonna take a while to build and probably cost me a bit too!!

I dunno about hitting 100KPH on a bike, though. If you really need to go that fast a motorcycle is advisable. No part of a bike is ment to ever go anywhere near that fast and they have a bad habit of self dissassembeling themselves at those speeds. Wear lots of body armor if you do, though. Huge raspberries hurt like he.ll and will ugly your face in a hurry.
Hey dave i see your point regarding pushbikes doing crazy speeds although here down under there are some hitting 97k/ph!!!
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