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Default Re: A not perfect rag

Originally Posted by killercanuck View Post

Or torch it till its straight... heat the rubber on the 'high' side, and the spokes will sink into the rubber better. Your sure you can't loosen the offending spokes?(making sure )
You mean without dis-assembly?
I want to not have to disassemble the rags and bolts, that's why I thought of the innertube piece.
I already took it apart once because against my better judgement I followed the instructions to put the rags both inside, OK, I'll try it, pulled the sprocket way to close to the spokes, so I re-assembled it to a spoke sandwich, much, much better.

I like the heat idea.
Just heat the high side right? I am thinking the pressure of the bolts will pull it down, correct? (sorry, you just said that, ADD strikes back!

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