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Default Re: cheap entry level welder ????


it always turns into the Ford vs Chevy thing ! lol

Yep... Ur right abt the duty cycle, KS.
Critical for a welder who needs to go out and run long strings and have optimal penetration.

I think bicycles and car exhaust pipes may be the saving grace for all these little cheapo welders... the best way to justify them! lol

I've had a couple jobs, over the years, where I burned rod all day long.
(Didn't like it a lot! Hot slag and sparks on you all day long...)
IF I was to do that kind of work I would definitely go with blue, or red.
...the one big production shop left in my area uses all gray for the crews, though. cheapest, but they seem to get a lot of mileage out of em, and toss em when something goes wrong.

I made a run by the local scrap yard a few days ago and the place was almost naked ! They have been selling off all their inventory.
I keep searching for lengths of 1 1/8 pipe to use on bike frames and it seems like there is never any in lengths I can use for projects I'd like to work on.
...REALLY can not afford to buy this stuff at new prices!!!

Running up against a new problem on the horizon... my argon bottle is getting real low. I'm almost afraid to find out how much that's gonna cost!

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