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Default Re: Point Beach gets an EZM kit.

Oh I will prevail! I have been wrenching on motorcycles nearly non stop for 28 years, this is the first time I have made a log (blog?) of all the typical glitches that come along with a retrofit assembly.
I am also currently dealing with some physical issues right now and I know that the prescription meds are messing with my head as well, hence some of my boneheaded procedures or lack of a realization of them until I go back and double check my work.

The chain line does look like it is bowed in the pictures, but watching it track with the sprockets (taking into account the slight wobble of the rear one) and sighting along it's length, it is very straight. I even did a string test to be doubly sure as I cannot trust the laser in this application.
The chain (it is a #41, came with the kit) seems to have some issues of it's own as well ....... but I am just going to stop picking nits now and just ride the darned thing tomorrow. I am sure that after a little break in period things will loosen up quite a bit and what does not fall into place I will tune and tweak into place as needed.

Tonight I installed the pedal crank arms and pedals, muffler, throttle, kill switch and gas tank. Tomorrow it gets gas and oil!
I am far from done with it (are we ever?) but it will be good enough for a maiden voyage.
Pictures will be taken as well.
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