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Default Re: Ins and Outs (perhaps?) of Red Threadlocker

i use red on the sprocket adapter bolts because i had a bolt back out and grab my coaster brake arm, locking up the wheel and sending me into a 40mph, 100' long skid.

i've also never had a problem breaking the bolts loose with just a little more pressure. in my various jobs over the years i've used red on many things, and again, never needed heat to remove them. usually one quick crank on the wrench will snap it loose.

on my engines, i use anti-seize compound on every bolt and nut that goes on it. after upgrading all of it, of course. i like my bolts to come off clean when i need them to. like tom says, proper torque is the way to go.

loctite needs time to set up. if you want an emergency fix, get superglue. it'll lock down stripped bolts on a whole lot of stuff, like brake levers, throttles, etc.

heck, i glued a clutch lever directly to my bars after the clamp broke , and it held for two days, only coming off when i needed to fix it.
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