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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

It should be stamped on the back of the cranks, likely near where the pedal threads in.

Measure from the center of the axle hole, to the center of the Bottom bracket axle hole (center of the nut/bolt). It is easiest with flat cranks, but you can also take the pedal off and use a ruler. 190 would be really unusual! I would like to know if they were though, some people such as triathlon cyclists or hill climb racers might like that information.

175 mm = 6.88976 "
180 mm = 7.08661 "
190 mm = 7.48031 "

It seems like a small difference, but when you pedal you will definitely know it, because your muscles will move a few degrees more at the joints, and your hips will have to rotate/flex more. 1/2" difference means your feet will be 1" more apart, and the circle you have to pedal will be much longer around.
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