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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by happycheapskate View Post
5-7, does your post mean the Shift Kit front freewheel jammed? Did it force the pedals around? I like that system but I have been afraid of FFS failure. I hear the parts are finicky and require frequent disassembly and repacking.
I'm ALMOST positive the freewheel jammed, but only for a few seconds. If it were the rear wheel, I would've lost control of the bike. It jammed while accelerating, there was a shudder and a quiet "pow!". The pedals locked up for a few seconds, then the engine idled, releasing the clutch. I was expecting mayhem when I pulled over. However, all was fine. The bike acted like nothing ever happened, and I continued on home. In fact, top speed climbing a moderate hill was 32mph. I commuted to work today without incident. I DID squirt SBP oil to the freewheel.

Yeah, SBP recommends clean and lube after 250 miles, and it's about that time. I have a spare SBP standard freewheel on hand. I'll run that while I disassemble and check for damages.
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