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Default Re: Fuel Savers, Most MPG, Aero Advantages... Post'em up here!

Great rolling narrow 700c tires- and when you get up to that faster speed they give, and you just know your gonna get stopped by that light ahead- hit that kill button from 2 blocks away and just let her COAST-

Same thing when you arrive at your destination- I usually shut down and pedal in parking lots when there's peope around. While it's not loud like a lot of motorcycles, the motors are a bit noisy and I don't like to call attention to that buzzing around pedestrian areas

and then there's always the DESCENTS- although not many here in Florida now (finally sold the house in Brown County IN)- shut down and pedal or just coast- and it helps to have a 5 or 6 speed and big gear

Most often shut down at stoplights anyway, especially when I see it coming- saves the gas and lets the motor cool a little. The 50cc kicks over a bit easier than the 66.
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