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Default Re: Point Beach gets an EZM kit.

Originally Posted by The_Aleman View Post
GearNut, notice on Scotto's bike his carrier rests on the seattube. My brother's does as well. Is your seattube too wide to let you do that?

Edit: also GearNut, don't be afraid to run an idler. With the Q-matic, the idler is not under anywhere near as much pressure as it is with a HT build.
It's never really stressed and will wear a very long time. My brother has never had an issue with his. He still runs a kit idler and it's 2 years old, still looks great.

With the bearing carrier positioned anywhere near the left outer side of the seat post tube (like where scotto-'s is) the chain run interferes with the chain stays, especially the seat stay. I had to position the bearing carrier behind the seat post tube in order to allow the unit to slide to the right enough to keep the chain run off of the chain stays. I really would have liked to position the engine forward enough to put the bearing carrier in front of the seat post tube, but the mount plate will not accommodate that much forward movement. To give you an idea of how far forward it would be sitting, the engine block would be up against the front down tube with 1/8" or so clearance.

If I do end up running a tensioner (and I most likely will have to) it will be mounted to the bearing carrier.
Something like this one:

Edit: The_Aleman, I like your oil drain hose idea.
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