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Default Re: 80cc bike engine has no power :(

Originally Posted by twaddles View Post
Thanks, Toytime... Appreciate Your Reply.. Yes, I Placed A Fuel In Line Filter And It Did No Good. I Also Took The Carb Apart And Checked It. Seems O.k... It Stutters And Jerks Along With No Power, But When I Let Up On The Throttle It Smooths Out!!! Go Figure!!! Strange As The Stock Market ...(lol) It Worked O.k. A Day Ago.. Then When I Put The Fuel Filter In... Horrible... I Don,t Know,, I Am About To Get Another Stripped Kit With Just Motor And Carb And Cid Unit... Somethings Gotta Work..(i Hope...) Whaty Do You Think??? Twaddles
pull the spark plug out and shake it. do you hear anything? if you do chuck it in the garbage and get a new one. i had a similar problem. it turned out to be the electrode broken on the spark plug causing the gap to change when it wanted (your engine will run better with a wider plug gap start small and widen it as much as possible until it starts to misfire then close it up just a bit) i replaced the spark plug and it ran great after wards. in my opinion the first thing that you need to do to your kit is change the spark plug and ad a fuel filter. The stock no frills plug just wont last.
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