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Default Re: Point Beach gets an EZM kit.

Wow GearNut, no wonder you're not done building it yet! I thought the carrier was supposed to rest _on_ the seat tube, as it does on my brother's bike. Even with more room than you have, my brother and I had to chop our aircleaner housings pretty good to make it fit. We both had to cut off the choke levers on our builds. We ended up using the SBP filter instead. Also, don't worry about using one bolt at each corner of the mount. My brother's is set up that way, and the mount never moves. As long as the mount blocks sit flush on the frame, you're good to go.

I have an idea for your aircleaner housing. Maybe you could get 1-2 of the AGK high-flow elements (the aqua-colored filter), or just an extra stock filter, and use a bit of pantyhose to keep it in the filter box. Just a thought. I don't think you have enough room for the SBP filter, so your options are as limited as your space!
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