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Default Re: Ins and Outs (perhaps?) of Red Threadlocker

Al Fisherman and I usually agree on most every issue...but this one.

I never use red loctite on any bicycle part. I have used blue on things like chain guard fasteners and fender mounts, things that are subjected to vibration and where I've had screws work loose but not on any engine component. In nearly five years of riding motorized bicycles I've not had any engine fastener come loose. That includes cylinder head nuts, intake or exhaust fasteners, engine mounting bolts/nuts or engine cover screws. I rely on proper torqueing techniques, good quality nuts and washers. By proper torque, I mean torque to specs then re-check after the engine has reached operating temperature a couple of times. After that, I don't have any issues with fasteners working loose due to vibration. But that's just me.

This is a subject that has been hashed over numerous times here and you'll find people on both sides of the fence. In the end you need to do what works for you through experimentation.
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