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Default Re: Ins and Outs (perhaps?) of Red Threadlocker

Originally Posted by Toadmund View Post
So I got myself a 300 year supply of Permatex brand Red Threadlocker.
I am no stranger to nuts and bolts, but unfamiliar with using the stuff.

Without heat will I ever get a bolt out or a nut off without using a lot of vulgar language?
Can one heat the aluminum part enough for the bolt to come out without cracking the part?
What would you never use it on, what engine part?

Anything else, should I get some blue too?
The 10 year supply size?

Hope this thread doesn't get locked 8-(
First off I use RED on all my Chinese engines. Since you need heat to break the RED loose, don't use it on anything you plan to remove the part, that you can't heat. Although I've never had to remove a fastener I'd heat the fastener, and not the aluminum. Cylinder, mounting, intake, and exhaust studs all can be heated should you decide to pull the studs. I have NEVER had a stud problem stripping or pulling the threads out. I replace all studs with Metric grade 8.8. I haven't had a use for the BLUE yet.

They make the locker in small squeeze containers, for about 10 bucks.
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