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Default Re: $ cheap huffy ?

I have built and trued wheels. The simplest, cheapest Minoura with the "scratch posts" (bolts with cap nuts, used for measuring the sides), will work. I have one. It is annoying to use though, as the whole thing is flexy.

A nicer one, such as a Park, with the i-beam looking towers, and the spring-loaded posts, will be a luxury to use and much quicker.

Whatever you do, get the proper spoke wrench, a set of needlenose pliers (rubber-coat the jaws, or cram vinyl tubing on them, for spoke clamp), and a decent nipple driver (a flathead "stubby" screwdriver, ground to fit in spoke holes, works well).

Make small adjustments (1/8 to 1/4 turn at a time) and don't forget that tensioning spokes pulls the rim inward (hop) and affects the other side of the wheel slightly (true).
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