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Default Re: $ cheap huffy ?

On my second Cranny from Wally World. What others have said, check each and every nut/bolt, silly not to on any new bicycle. Anything I put my butt on I'll go over from front to back. the first Cranny had an out of true front wheel that I took to a bike shop and spent $8 to have straightened out and synthetic grease applied. No scratched or bent anything other than the issue with the front wheel.

Blue and cream color is a very slick looking package with the kit installed. Carefully removed anything 'Huffy' and added some custom vinyl stripes and graphics. Rode it and adjusted several times, maybe 20 miles total and promptly sold it.

My second Cranny has no scratches or bent parts but I did take Both wheels into a bike shop for truing and synthetic grease. The china Girl kit is installed and just waiting for dry weather to test and tune.

Both of these were from Wally World and I didn't take the ones off the floor but opted for the ones in boxes as I'd rather have to assemble it myself. Cause in the end, don't trust anyone with your safety.

My biggest complaint on these sub $100 new bikes is the wheel base needs to be 5"-6" longer. They'll shave a couple off to save 50 cents worth of steel.

You have to see what these cheap bicycles are about. Looks and 'basic' functionality. They are not designed for much more than leisurely rides. Sure you can motor assist them fine, just be aware of what they still are.
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