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Default Re: Point Beach gets an EZM kit.

My kit did have the tranny bolted up to it, but everything else was very well packed up in bubble wrap and lots of styrofoam peanuts.
Today I am working out the details of chain alignment. With the rear sprocket bolted up to where the engine is happy the chain drags on the upper and lower chain stays.
With the sprocket bolted up to where the chain is happy the engine will not slide over to the right enough to allow for proper chain alignment. The EZM's output shaft bracket hits the seat post tube. I am going to have to use only one bolt on each side of the front engine mount plate bracket to allow the engine mount plate to slide back far enough to allow the output shaft bracket to fit completely behind the seat post tube (not where it is supposed to be according to the instructions). Then the air cleaner will be up against the seat post tube and not allow easy access for maintenance. Also the choke lever will be buried up against the two cantilever frame tubes. That I can heat and bend to point another direction though. The air cleaner cover may end up getting quite a chop job just to get it all to fit.
(Edit: maby I will somehow get it to fit in front of the seat post tube? Don't know if there is enough room between the cylinder head and top tube for that.)
The Point Beach is a nice bike to motorize, but does not play well with the EZM kit thus far. Perseverance will prevail, so long as welding on that aluminum Point Beach frame does not become a necessity (I doubt it).
Pictures will be made and added to the previous threads.
Any free time I have recently is spent with the kit in hand instead of a camera in hand.
Sorry I am getting impatient with it.
I wanna ride!
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